Manage Tomorrow’s Money, Today

SlideBy is the free bank connected budget planner that helps you manage tomorrow’s money, today. Build your cash calendar and take control of what’s going to come in and go out of your home or business’s bank account today, tomorrow and beyond.

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SlideBy currently connects to First Direct, HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Nationwide, RBS and Santander. Bank elsewhere? Register your interest to be the first to know when your bank is added.

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Ready for Tomorrow

SlideBy gives you the tools and alerts to to manage and forecast the future day-to-day finances of your home or business.

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    Today's date is highlighted in green

  • Slide left for your payment and balance history

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    Slide right for future transactions and bank balances

Use SlideBy to...

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    Build a complete cash calendar

    Add invoices and create estimates to build up your cash calendar and track what’s going to come in and go out of your account.

  • Automatically allocate regular payments

    Easily allocate regular payments such as direct debits and standing orders to your cash forecast

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    Forecast and control future cash

    Slide right to see your future bank balance, based on cash in your bank and anticipated receipts/payments. Set a target minimum bank balance and be alerted when due to fall below it.

  • Know your VAT obligation

    Look after your business's cash? Use SlideBy to estimate and schedule VAT payments for early visibility of VAT liability

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No Pricing. No Contract.

SlideBy is free to download and use, with no contract or hidden extras.

Bespoke partner programmes are available to those wanting to offer SlideBy to their business customers.

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