• Combine Your Financial Info

    Combine your banking, payment and receipt information for a complete view of your past, current and future transactions

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    Your Payments History (Slide Left)

    Slide left for a statement of transactions sorted both by date (columns) and by income/expenditure headings (rows)

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    Your Cash Flow Forecast (Slide Right)

    See your bank balance on any future day. Slide right for a cash flow forecast, based on your current cash position and upcoming receipts and payments

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    Set a Target Minimum Balance

    Set and alter a target minimum balance for your account. SlideBy will alert you when your forecast dips below this amount

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    Allocate Transaction Alerts

    SlideBy alerts you to unallocated transactions. Use our unique ‘cards’ feature to slide a receipt onto your chosen heading

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    Create and Convert Estimates

    Use SlideBy to create estimates and convert to invoices when ready. Slide the forecasted payment date back or forward

  • VAT Management

    Know your VAT obligation before its calculated. SlideBy will automatically estimate and schedules VAT payments

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    Export Invoices (Coming Soon)

    Export invoices from SlideBy directly in to your accountancy package

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    Tap to Pay or Slide to Delay (Coming Soon)

    Use SlideBy to make, delay or bring forward payments (or part-payments) without opening your banking app

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SlideBy connects to 10 major banks: Barclays, Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, NatWest, RBS and Santander.

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