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If your company has small business customers, we’d love to hear from you. We work with banks, membership groups, accountancy firms and software companies, all with the mission of helping their SME customers be in control of their cash.

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Banking Partners

Give SlideBy to your small business banking customers to help them keep on top of their finances. Gain valuable insight to help service your customers more effectively.

  • Welcome your small business customers

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    Enhance risk management

  • Give SMEs cashflow out of the bank account

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Lenders and Funders

Use SlideBy to gain improved insight on your customers and discover lending opportunities faster… before your customer knows they’ll need funding.

  • Identify lending opportunities faster

  • Get data-rich digital insights

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    Build closer customer relationships

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Accountants and Bookkeepers

If you’re a bookkeeper or at an accountancy firm managing small business customers, help them control their finances and take the guesswork out of their cash flow.

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    Bring customers' banking and accounting data together

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    Empower customers to control their cash flow

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    Gain improved visibility of transaction behaviour

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Accountancy software

Coming soon: integrate SlideBy seamlessly with your accounting platform, giving your customers a combined view of their banking and accounting data on one app.

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    Add SlideBy to your platform’s app marketplace

  • Give your customers a real-time, editable cash flow

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    Improve your customers' money management

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Join our partner programme

Do you have a small business customer base who could benefit from SlideBy? Join our Partner Programme!

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