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Slide – Cashfac’s open banking and cash flow forecasting app, today announces it is rebranding to SlideBy

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We are excited to today announce that we are changing our name from Slide to SlideBy. The rebrand builds on recent success of the app, which has been downloaded over 1,400 times since launching on Apple’s App Store six months ago.

Paul Ormrod, creator of SlideBy says; “As SlideBy we will continue to empower small businesses to predict and control their financial future. Business owners have traditionally struggled to forecast what their cash position will look like – which means they are basing financial decisions on guesswork.

Ormrod continues: “Our SlideBy designs are channelling everyday iPhone actions to predict and control the financial future. The name SlideBy better reflects the way users interact with the app, which is easy to use and designed to minimise friction.”

New App with New Features

By adding real-time cash flow to the bank account, SlideBy will continue to give small businesses (SMEs) a complete view of historical, current and future bank balances and transactions, helping them to make informed decisions on the customers and supplier payments central to their cash flow.

Through our currently available bank connections – Barclays, First Direct, HSBC and Lloyds – the latest rebranded version of the app can now automatically populate your cash forecast with data from regular transactions. If your bank is not yet available please pre-register your interest and we’ll let you know as soon as your bank connection is available

Note to existing users

If you’re an existing Slide user, please note that from today, we will not be able to support older versions of the app and therefore recommend upgrading to the latest version as soon as possible to keep SlideBy up to date and avoid any interruptions. Please update to SlideBy (or download for the first time) using the button below:

Download SlideBy from the App Store


Find Out More

We have answered several FAQs below. If you have any further questions, feedback or require support, please visit our Community page –, or follow us on SlideBy’s new social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Slide to SlideBy: FAQs

When did the rebrand take effect?
Slide became SlideBy on Thursday 20th February 2020.

Did it involve a change of ownership?
No. SlideBy remains solely owned and operated by Cashfac with the same leadership team at the helm.

Will the rebrand affect the functionality of the app?
No, but existing users will need to update to the latest version as soon as possible to keep SlideBy up to date and avoid any interruptions

SlideBy will continue to take the guesswork out of cash management for small business owners. The same powerful cash management software still underpins the app’s functionality. SlideBy customers will find no change in the quality or features of the product, and partners will see no difference when it comes to conducting business with us after the change takes place.

How will the rebrand impact customer relationships?
It won’t. SlideBy will seamlessly continue Slide’s mission to help small businesses get a step ahead of their cash position so they can actively predict and control their financial future. SlideBy remains committed to levelling the cash flow forecasting playing field by allowing small businesses to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re making the right financial decisions, at the right time.

How do customers contact SlideBy if they have any questions?
As always, existing users can ask questions, feedback or request support on our Community page – Our SlideBy Support team will be happy to help you.

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