Will Brexit set the entrepreneur free?

Will Brexit set the entrepreneur free?

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Brexit is probably the most polarising subject our generation has ever seen. Friendships have been broken, relationships affected all because of the way people voted. The hopes and fears of both sides have been articulated in many journals and publications from Twitter to personal blogs. Whether it’s right or wrong is quite irrelevant. In some form we are leaving the EU and will have to get on with it.

There will be disruption, that’s without doubt, the scale of that is not known. The long term prognosis is currently based on no historical precedent. What is interesting is the reaction of our business community when times are tough. Job losses are a possible effect of Brexit, but with Job losses comes increased self employment as people try to find their own way as entrepreneurs and business owners. That choice is forced on some people and can be a great motivator for success.

This creates a problem, people who have worked for large corporations become institutionalised. They don’t have a “start a business process manual”. The article attached highlights the stats regarding new businesses. The numbers are incredible, but they clearly need a little help.

Starting a business!

The main reasons for starting a business are to make your own money, control your destiny, be your own boss. To do that you need revenue and you need to manage that revenue in terms of when you receive it and how you distribute it. The hard fact is that most businesses fail because of a lack of cash. In terms of valuable business advice, protecting your cash and managing it is probably the most important skill in those early years of sporadic revenue and mounting overheads.

The Slide app was invented with exactly that goal in mind, see the problems that a lack of cash creates before it actually happens, amend your future behaviours to protect that cash and free up time to run your business, don’t worry about the money. It gives the business the complete view of yesterday, today and tomorrow in one banking app.

We exhibit next week at SME Live an exhibition aimed directly at the SME audience. We aim to show SME’s how the aggregation of data from multiple sources can highlight to them exactly what financial health their business is in. We do this all within a banking app.

If you are around at the conference or want a little more info on helping you with your business why not come and see us at stand K36 or have a look at the web link. We want to help the SME survive and thrive.

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