A New Journey to Overcoming Maths Anxiety

Our latest blog looks at maths anxiety and shows how we’ve changed SlideBy to offer more guidance, better inclusivity and a tailored setup

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For many, finances is an unwelcomed topic, heightened further still from current world events. Here at SlideBy, we’ve been working on what we think may help users feel more comfortable about getting up close and personal when managing their money.

Our new user journey is designed to help those who feel anxious when dealing with finances and numbers to get set up more easily on SlideBy. 48% of adults in the UK suffer from some degree of maths anxiety ,with reactions to dealing with maths ranging from avoidance and mental anxiety, to physical anxiety and an impaired working memory.


About Maths Anxiety


Maths anxiety is the “feeling of worry or uneasiness that interferes with the ability to do maths”. This can be anything from basic maths (addition, subtraction, division, etc.) to statistics to finances.

You may have some degree of maths anxiety if, when dealing with maths, you:

  • Have negative thoughts/feelings (“this is too hard,” “I don’t like maths”, etc.)
  • React physically (accelerated heartrate, sweaty palms, difficulty concentrating)
  • Find it difficult to organise the information you need to complete a task, such as sorting finances (a.k.a. a decreased working memory)

The good news is that (1) it’s extremely common, and (2) it’s a learned behaviour, meaning it can also be unlearned. To find out more about maths anxiety and how to overcome it, .


Combat Maths Anxiety with SlideBy


Our new registration journey aims to ease you on to SlideBy with a setup process that is more guided, relaxed and tailored to your unique expenses and earnings. It includes a short in-app survey that helps you estimate how much you spend on monthly bills. This information is then fed into an algorithm which later estimates your income and helps populate your cash calendar in the background of the app whilst being guided through the survey.

By introducing your finances at the end of the survey with familiar payments already input into your cash calendar, SlideBy saves you from having to manually add expense categories for those bills and items you pay regularly (such as rent, water, mobile phone, etc.) and helps you get set up before you even face your finances.

Try our new user journey today for:

  • A more relaxed and friendly aesthetic for those intimidated by finances
  • A new algorithm designed to estimate earnings based on outgoings – this gives a good indication of whether your outgoings are high or low in respect to your income
  • Familiar payments already in your cash calendar before you face your finances
  • Fun new sliders (see video!) and a more interactive user experience


If you’re considering getting to grips with your finances or are interested in a more guided approach to money management, try SlideBy today and let us know what you think on our SlideBy Community.

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