Surviving and thriving in the UK’s start-up boom

The UK is experiencing its strongest start-up boom for a decade. We look at building a budget from your bank account to survive and thrive

According to a recent article in the FT, more than 810,000 business were incorporated in the UK during the four quarters to the end of the first three months of 2021, in what has been the strongest start-up boom in Britain in the past decade.

Be it out of necessity after losing their job, benefiting from government support and low interest rates or capitalising on the changing consumer trends towards online shopping, this boom has defied business creation predictions from the Office for National Statistics in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Surviving and Thriving

Cash flow remains the number one reason for business failure. Many small businesses and early-stage start-ups struggle and ultimately fail due to avoidable cash flow problems. In most cases, they don’t have the tools to predict future cash flows in real time. They will know how much money they have now, but what happens if they get paid later than expected, or a VAT bill comes in, or several creditors want paying at the same time? By the time they know, it may be too late.

Although used for both personal and business budgeting, SlideBy was designed and launched with small businesses and early-stage start-ups in mind. We want to help entrepreneurs get a step ahead of their cash position so they can actively predict and control their financial future with real-time budgeting, fully synced with their bank account.

Building a budget from your bank account

As an early stage start up, you can customise SlideBy to suit to your incomings and outgoings, and add invoices and create estimates to build a complete and accurate budget from your bank account.

Set and stick to money targets and take control of what’s coming in and going out of your bank account today, tomorrow and beyond.

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